BayCoast Bank wants YOU!

BayCoast Bank is featuring student artwork in our 2019 advertising campaigns, and we need your creativity to make it happen. Not only will winning entries be featured in our advertisements, but BayCoast Bank will also REWARD your school's art and music programs!

Need some inspiration? What are we looking for? How will this look? Here’s what we mean.

Don’t forget to check out the gallery at the bottom of this page. We will showcase your talent in an advertising campaign. BayCoast Bank takes pride in providing banking services that are ‘just right’ for the people who live in our community - whether it is checking accounts, loans, mobile banking services or really cool interactive ITM machines.

Themes we are interested in:

  • Home (what does home mean to you?)
  • Community (what specifically defines your community?)
  • Education (how is education helping you reach your goals?)
  • Holidays (to be featured on a calendar or social media)
  • Military/Veterans
  • Mobile Technology (use of smartphones, tablets, laptops)

Music Submissions

We are selecting 2-3 musicians/bands to develop our theme song to be used for TV commercials, radio advertisements, and online videos. Submit a video or audio file of the song you think you play best. This could be an original song you came up with or a cover of your favorite artist. We are selecting 2-3 musicians/bands to work with a professional producer from Nashville, TN, and record at a local professional studio with top regional music technicians to lay down your tracks. And, if you’re selected, BayCoast Bank will reward your school’s music program!

What kind of music should you submit?

Here are a few ideas:

  • School choir performances
  • School band performances
  • Your own band videos
  • Instrumentals
  • Jazz concerts
  • Rock music
  • Rap

Entering is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Create something! Paint, sculpt, take a photo, draw, sing, compose — however you express your artistic side, we want to see it.
  2. Take a picture, video or audio clip of your creation.
  3. Upload your work using the form to your right

When you submit your artwork, we want to know what inspired you to create it.

When you hit “Submit” you’ll be officially eligible to become one of BayCoast Bank’s featured artists!



*click here to see submission rules and guidelines

Privacy Policy. By submitting your artwork / music, you agree to have it published on this website. Your artwork / music will be reviewed by our staff and if deemed appropriate, published within 3 days of upload.

So you’ve entered, now what?

  • First, make sure you hold on to your submitted piece. That means no wrinkling, folding or throwing it away because if you win, we will need the original.
  • BayCoast Bank will go through all the submissions. If you are selected, we will be in touch to coordinate getting your creation to our professional scanning company so it can be used in our advertisements.
  • And last, but not least, we’ll let you know when and where your art is featured. And your school will be awarded a donation by BayCoast Bank!

Now, what are you waiting for—get creative!!

Eligibility: Submissions will be accepted from South Coast area students from Pre-K through Grade 12.