Here is a little bit of fine print:

  • Submissions must pertain to education. All submissions must be centered around education. Whether it be your own personal story, or one of a parent/friend/relative, all submissions must be relevant to education.

  • Submissions should tell a story. We’re excited to help the South Coast provide a better education for its residents, but submissions should not be a simple request for donations. We will be choosing who to support based on the most compelling stories that are submitted.

  • Keep it clean. Make sure you keep the language and subject matter clean. Words or topics that are not allowed in schools need to be left out your submissions.

  • We can’t post them all. Although we would love to post everything we get, there is a chance, for a number of reasons, that we won’t be able to post your submission on our website or on our social media pages.

  • We need your contact information. Before we post your video, we’ll need to contact you. Make sure your email address and/or phone number is correct or else we won’t be able to post your video, or help your school!

  • The more the better. Please provide as much information in the comment field as you can. If there are multiple people involved, give us their names and contact info as well!